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Since there are possibilities of different pockets of fluid within the uterine cavity with little connection, the strain measurement in one pocket of fluid may be totally different from another. The slight differences in stress could also be because of mechanical somewhat than fluid stress performing on the transducer. All girls feel painful uterine contractions throughout labour, though how they understand the depth may range. Mothers in different cultures and women in the same tradition react differently to pain. Obese women may have difficulties feeling the uterine contractions and parous women may feel the contractions to be much less painful . It is known that contractions with amplitudes of larger than 15 mmHg from the baseline is related to pain and can be efficient in bringing about cervical effacement and dilatation.

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Scar rupture relies on the integrity of the scar and the pressure of uterine exercise on the scar, which relies on the depth and length of uterine contractions. One or two robust contractions as a result of hyper-stimulation in a case with otherwise regular uterine activity may also rupture the scar. Hence the proof for using intrauterine catheters to measure pressures or uterine exercise to foretell or diagnose scar rupture isn’t that strong . The major concern in labour with a previous CS scar is the likelihood that the scar could give method and trigger morbidity to the mom and severe morbidity or mortality to the fetus and the newborn. Aspects of vaginal birth after previous CS are discussed in detail in Chapter 23.

In the intact uterus, the top varieties a seal on the cervix and pelvis and the intrauterine strain builds up with contractions. If the scar gives method then the liquor will leak out and the fetus can also be extruded with early lack of integrity of the scar. This ought to result in reduction within the resting uterine strain or tone. The reduction of the uterine tone and amplitude of contractions or absence of recording contractions should alert to the potential of scar rupture . The expected discount of baseline resting strain or the amplitude will not be affected if the catheter tip lies in a localized well-enclosed pocket of amniotic fluid.


Total contraction space is considered by calculating the realm beneath a contraction, including the resting pressure. Hence this pressure is excluded from quantitative measures as a result of it is affected by variables that aren’t associated to uterine exercise. Measurements of uterine exercise by EMG obtained by external abdominal probes provide practically as correct readings as those obtained by intrauterine strain catheters . The complexity of apparatus wanted for EMG measurement that would measure the synchronization and concordance of contractions is constantly being improved and will discover clinical usefulness in the future .

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Loss of uterine contraction recording with external tocography is frequent and is because of the loosening of the toco belt or change in position of the mom. Sudden loss of uterine contractions with intrauterine strain measurement should suggest scar dehiscence until the catheter has slipped out or has turn out to be blocked (with fluid-stuffed catheters). More typically than not, the primary sign is the sudden look of prolonged deceleration or repeated profound decelerations.

Previous labour and supply reduces the uterine work accomplished to beat the cervical and pelvic tissue resistance compared with women who had elective CS or CS in the latent section of labour. When labour just isn’t progressing adequately, oxytocin augmentation is used to extend the uterine activity. The augmented uterine exercise is larger than that observed in regular labour. Augmentation improves poor uterine exercise and helps to beat any minor disproportion as a result of malposition. Those who have passable progress of labour during the first four hours of augmentation are likely to deliver vaginally. Others could be given extra time, however with an extended period of augmented labour with larger ranges of uterine exercise the risk of scar rupture is likely to enhance. The in-coordinate nature and form of contractions usually are not considered with space measurements.