Fireplace Remodel

19 Types Of Fireplaces On Your Home

fireplace remodel

Our group will examine your area and provide you with a plan for situating the brand new fireplace in your house. Your fire will fit seamlessly into your lounge, yard, or wherever you choose to build it. Perfect for inlaid in addition to freestanding fireplaces and available in each conceivable type and material, stone veneers can really turn a home right into a palace.

fireplace remodel

Wood And White Modern Farmhouse Fireplace

Sturdy and irresistibly putting, stone is the stuff of castles and fortresses, and hearth is of course no exception. Stone fireplaces lend an impressive air to any house, in addition to reinforcement towards the weather. This might be the first and final time that that straightforward chair faced away from the fireplace. A simple design dominated by outsized squares retains this huge hearth from dominating the room. Can’t you simply see Nick and Nora of “Thin Man” fame trading sophisticated barbs in this room? Notice once more the steadiness achieved between a hearth and the rest of the room.

The golden-yellow walls pull highlights from the mantel, and the mantel provides the walls serenity. The paneled enclosure for the dwelling-room hearth and chimney incorporates a pantry on one side and stereo cupboards on the other. Our consultants are familiar with installation requirements & constructing codes so you possibly can rest assured understanding your new fireside equipment will work safely, including all new venting additions. Paul has been constructing fireplaces in San Diego since 1992 and is a acknowledged professional in fire refacing, fire repair, and relining chimneysto forestall fire hazards. Custom Masonry and Fireplace Design are experts in building a variety of inside and out of doors fireplaces made from stucco and plaster. Fireplace nearing completionWith our mantle installed we continue the constructing course of with ornamental stone above the … Read More