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Since there are possibilities of different pockets of fluid within the uterine cavity with little connection, the strain measurement in one pocket of fluid may be totally different from another. The slight differences in stress could also be because of mechanical somewhat than fluid stress performing on the transducer. All girls feel painful uterine contractions throughout labour, though how they understand the depth may range. Mothers in different cultures and women in the same tradition react differently to pain. Obese women may have difficulties feeling the uterine contractions and parous women may feel the contractions to be much less painful . It is known that contractions with amplitudes of larger than 15 mmHg from the baseline is related to pain and can be efficient in bringing about cervical effacement and dilatation.

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Scar rupture relies on the integrity of the scar and the pressure of uterine exercise on the scar, which relies on the depth and length of uterine contractions. One or two robust contractions as a result of hyper-stimulation in a case with otherwise regular uterine activity may also rupture the scar. Hence the proof for using intrauterine catheters to measure pressures or uterine exercise to foretell or diagnose scar rupture isn’t that strong . The major concern in labour with a previous CS scar is the likelihood that the scar could give method and trigger morbidity to the mom and severe morbidity or mortality to the fetus and the newborn. Aspects of vaginal birth after previous CS are discussed in detail in Chapter 23.

In the intact uterus, the top varieties a seal on the cervix and pelvis and the intrauterine strain builds up with contractions. If the scar gives method then the liquor … Read More