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home update

I don’t have any details but on how often it does this BUT I might be monitoring it from now on. My home laptop computer just isn’t my primary laptop and it might sit for every week with no use. Then, when I seize it to go to a meeting or need to complete some operation on it, there may be Update hogging my resources … and generally on a public community that is already slow. Also my work laptop, I can’t have Update breaking my proprietary software that I require for service work. I always “check” updates on my residence pc earlier than installing on my work machine.

Just thought I’d let you understand in regards to the onerous drive filling up due to failed updates, that was a first for me. It’s extraordinarily unfortunate, for a variety of causes, that we would wish to resort to these steps.

Get Chrome For Windows

So I bit the bullet and reformatted and reinstalled Windows from a USB key. All seems fantastic now, however the nuke from orbit strategy is a bit a lot to stabilize what was a machine that used to work just fantastic. I assume the hoopla is those “Spectre” and “Meltdown” vulnerabilities.

home update

Update had re-enabled itself and was downloading updates. I check this service standing often so I know this was no accident.

home update

I do consider that Windows should expose controls for Windows Update at its old, Windows 7 degree of granularity, permitting you to decide on if and when to take updates and which updates to take or ignore. I understand Microsoft’s intent with the Windows 10 design, but unfortunately, it solely really works if we can at all times and utterly belief Windows … Read More