2022 Roof Maintenance Checklist

We made it, folks! The year 2022 is upon us and so is a new roofing checklist. You can have a roof that lasts for many years if you keep up-to-date with your roofing needs.

The opposite is true, too. If you neglect your roof, you can end up with a huge financial headache. You can protect your roof by following these checklist items.

Schedule your Inspections

It’s not surprising that professional roofers should inspect your roof at least twice per year. Professional roofers will know exactly what to look out for and how to fix them. A professional roofer is also an expert in roof repairs. If they don’t find anything, you can rest assured that your roof will protect you and your family.

Clean Gutters

The roof is an important part of your home. The gutters are an important part of your roof. The gutters are responsible for moving rain, snow, and other types of precipitation away from your roof and away from your foundation. Storm water can’t build up on your roof, so you won’t get water damage. If your gutters become blocked, water will not have a place to go and can pool on your roof. This could cause internal damage to your home.

Limit Moss & Algae Growth

It is obvious that you don’t want any vegetation growing on your roof. If you don’t address the issue immediately, moss and algae can grow under your roof and into your home. Algae and moss can grow in a variety of conditions, including too much shade and a humid climate. Regular inspections are necessary if you live in an area where moss or algae growth is possible.

Take Out Nearby Tree Branches

If tree branches hang above your roof, they could cause damage to your roof. If … Read More