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He is a quirky alien who doesn’t understand our customs, and he never really did something to face out from his other roles. Rihanna is just here as a result of they need to enchantment to the younger crowd, which might be fantastic, however they play so much of her music that it nearly felt like a ad for her new album.

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It turned kind of humorous at times, and not within the great way. I enjoyed Steve Martin’s character as the alien chief Captain Smek, he was just so wacky and dumb that it perfectly match Martin’s humor.

“Home” is a enjoyable little gem that I really suggest to all ages, especially kids. “Today is best day ever.” Not solely is it Christmas, it is also the beginning of a wacky alien invasion within the family comedy Home.

People at all times talk concerning the nice Disney or Pixar movies that come out every year, and if another animated movie comes along that does not live up to those standards, they disregard it. Sadly, I suppose that this very underrated animated movie will be forgotten about very quickly, and it undoubtedly shouldn’t be. “Home” tells a quite simple story of an alien race that wants to inhabit earth. With the most effective intentions, they don’t understand they’re ruining the lives of the humans. When one rogue “Boov” meets up with slightly girl who is left behind, they form a bond and hilarity ensues. I should say, this film is much funnier than I was anticipating it to be. No, nothing wholly unique occurs throughout this film, but the fact that the jokes really feel recent and the emotion is all intact, I had a blast.

animation was superb, but still one of their more kid friendly animated films like Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I really feel like Dreamworks has been declining in quality the past few years, with the exception of the phenomenal How to Train Your Dragon films and I even loved The Croods. I just want them to take more risks and try new issues like they used to.



I wasn’t actually a fan of this film, but its innocent and children will dig it. But for adults, I would not hold your breath in case your awaiting certainly one of Dreamworks more mature movies.